Blizzard Bans Player, Removes Features, Illegally Deletes Customer's games

Blizzard, the company the internet either loves or hates, has made yet another controversial decsion regarding it's games and free speech; this time its centered around beloved classic Warcraft III.

Back in 2018 Blizzard revealed, to much jubilation, that Warcraft III (first released in 2002) would be getting an HD remaster. Warcraft III was loved by many people for it's fantasy settings, engaging RTS gameplay, and perhaps above all it's custome campaigns.

But things were not all happy feelings when Warcraft III: Reforged launched 2 days ago. It was quickly revealed that a whole litany of features were missing from the game. A reddit post detailing the missing features quickly reached the top of the Warcraft III subreddit, which you an read below.

However, perhaps the most surprising of these features was that fact that you could no longre play the classic version of Warcraft III. You know, that version you bought 18 years ago.

To make matters worse Blizzard once again proved that they don't actually value their playes by banning users who speak out against this THEFT.

Blizzard once again proves that it didn't learn anything from the Blitzchung incident where they banned a player and stole his money after he spoke out against their corporate overlords in China. Despite Blizzard's "apology" about how they were 'to quick to act and too slow to respond to the community' this latest incident proves once again that Blizzard does not value free speech and that Blizzard's mission statement of "every voice matters" is nothing more that fluff. Perhaps Blizzard should take a moto from George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and change that mission statement to say "Every voice is equal, but some are more equal than others."

In accordance with their unspoken mission statement of "Censor everything that could be controversial" Blizzard removed some of it's humor from the game when they removed a somewhat controversial line.

To some extent I understand a few of Blizzard's choices. Blizzard is reworking their custom map creator and policies to prevent another DOTA fiasco. DOTA was originally a mod built for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne back in 2003 before it became it's own multi-billion dollar franchise owned by Valve with the release of DOTA2. Blizzard will probably include a custom map/campaign creator back into their game but only once they've gotten a policy in place that any maps created are the sole intellectual property of Blizzard so that they don't miss out on something popular like DOTA again.

But come on Blizzard! Preventing people who bought your game 18 years ago from playing something they LEGALLY own is theft. According to u/HolyFuror on Reddit, reference to the Reddit post above, this affects even people who haven't bought the new Warcraft III Reforged. Blizzard has retroactively removed content from an 18 year old game that people paid for.

Remember back in 2017 when Destiny 2's first DLC locked content away from the base game. Microsoft had to issues refunds for the game because it was no longer what people paid for (CoO stands for Curse of Osiris. The first DLC.)

This isn't ok Blizzard. If you stil; buy Blizzard games it's time to consider what kind of company you're supporting.