Blizzard Granting Refunds for Warcraft 3 Reforged

A few days ago the one of gaming's scummiest companies, Blizzard, launched a "remasted" version of their much beloved Warcraft 3 with a collective groan. To say gamers hated it would be a massive understatement. At the time of writing this the game is sitting at a 0.5 score on Metacritic with a collective 22911 votes.

That's a staggering low score, so low in fact that it made history as the lowest scored game of all time on Metacritic. Even lower in fact that perhaps the worst game of all time; Ride to Hell Retribution which has a 1.3 score.

Gamers hated it so much that they built a website outlining everything they hated about it (embedded below).

Shortly after release Blizzard did what Blizzard does and started banning people who said things they didn't like; this time how to get a refund. I covered this initially but now it looks like Blizzard is back tracking, kind of.

Their refund website is now offering immediate refunds for people who request one regardless of how many hours they've played. Unfortunately not everything is "fixed". The player Blizzard banned is, as far as I'm aware, still banned.

Even more than that Blizzard still forces players of the classic game to use the reforged engine which takes away many of the core mechanics found in the original.

Once again Blizzard is not the bastion of honest gaming they used to pretend to be. Don't be fooled by this refund Blizzard did. They aren't doing it because they want to make amends. They're doing it because their reputation is being hurt, and much like Fallout 76, they're probably going to be facing a lawsuit for this because their no refund policy is illegal in the EU and Australia.

Stop buying Blizzard.