Is Uplay+ a good deal?

In September of 2019 Ubisoft released their subscription based service called Uplay+ (sometimes references as Uplay Plus) to a collective meh from the world. Ubisoft boasted that this new service will offer access to the entire collection of 100+ Ubisoft titles including all DLC, premium editions, early access and betas for only $15 a month.

I'll fully admit when I saw this I was less than interested. I thought this was a terrible deal. $15 a month for access to Ubisoft games (read that with the utmost sarcasm in your voice please). Then I started to actually take a look at it and wa surprised.

Is Uplay+ a good deal?

The short answer is maybe, leaning towards yes for a certain type of player. Let's get this out of the way right now; if you are a Call of Duty or Battlefield player Uplay+ is not for you. Ubisot has very few competative FPS, only Rainbow Six Siege has had any mainstream success. The bulk of Ubisoft services are openworld story driven RPGs.

  1. Farcry
  2. Assassin's Creed
  3. Ghost Recon
  4. The Division
  5. Watchdogs
  6. Anno
  7. The Crew

Ubisoft has a lot of open world RPG games (yes I know Anno is more of an RTS city builder but it's still a 100+ hour game). I, personnaly, am a huge fan of these types of games (although I felt like Assassing's Creed Odyssey was too large).

At $15 a month this might seem like it's expensive but when you calculate it out it's $180 a year, or the cost of 3 standard edition games. Uplay+ gives you the delux edition of every game though which also changes the value.

Let's take a look at three of Ubisoft's more popular delux editions:

  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey Delux Edition: $119
  • Ghost Recon Break Point: $119
  • Rainbow Six Siege: $105

Just based on those standard editions alone its clear that Uplay+ is good value for money.

Should you get it?

That depends. Do you like Open world action RPGs or do you prefer multiplayer FPS? If you like open world action RPGs, don't care too much about the fictitious concept of ownership, and don't buy many games a year then yes Uplay+ is a good deal. If all you play are games like Call of Duty or Battlefield then no Uplay+ is probably not for you.