About the Google Photos Change

I haven't written for a while on account of my work, PhD schooling, and family but I felt compelled to discuss this topic as it's the current rage right now. Like everything controversial there is a ton of inaccurate information people are throwing around out there and some articles creating fear mongering. Let's set some records straight.

Google is in the news again (when are they not) and this time for a controversial decision, which will probably affect less people than who are freaking out online. Google is ending the free unlimited high quality photo storage for NEW photos in June 2021. Before I dive into the specifics I think it's fun to look back at the state of photo storage before Google Photos.

A brief dive into history

When Google Photos launched its unlimited storage in 2015 it changed the landscape forever. Prior to that storing photos was a decentralized game of jumping services. Most services like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc were only offering 5GB of storage (Mega Offered 50GB back in the day). You'd take a bunch of photos and videos then cap out that 5GB and have to move to something else, or pay for storage. Phones generally came with promotional offers where you'd get say 100GB for a year with DropBox or Google Drive.

I remember