On RING's app's trackers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organzation whose overly zelous fight for privacy in all things borders almost on the religious fanatical, released an article today that should surprise absolutely no one. The Article titled "Ring Doorbell App Packed with Third-Party Trackers" attempts to be a shock piece with the sole purpose of scaring the reader into abandoning their RING devices.

I've previously called out Amazon over their abysmal response to the recent string of camera hacks. Even an Amazon engineer recently called out Amazon over RING; however his complaints seem to be more along the lines of RING's partnertship with local Police something the EFF has disquesed ad nauseum. Even baring all this I think the EFF's latest article is alarmist with an agenda.

It's no surprise that EFF detests RING (and by that extension probably NEST and ARLO as well) but this is 2020. By this point it's been well documented that almost every app has trackers in it. To put it simply this is scare piece for perpetrating the EFF's ongoing crusade against Amazon and RING. I'm almost convinced that the EFF will never be satified until eveyone lives in solid conrete houses with no windows and never communicates with people for perfect privacy. Wait...That already exists. It's called prison.